Code of ethics

Ethical business practice

At Patterson, we seek out employees and business partners who share our integrity, values and high standards for conducting business and whose practices align with our own Code of Ethics.
Patterson reflects and respects the diversity of cultures throughout the world and strives to conduct business in a culturally appropriate manner. Our employees acknowledge compliance with Company policies, the ethical standards and legal requirements of each country in which business is conducted, as well as United States laws that apply in other countries – in a nondiscriminatory manner free from harassment.
Patterson employees are held to the highest standard of ethics as set forth by the Company’s Principles of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics. Employees have a variety of resources in which to raise any concerns, including managers, department heads and a confidential toll-free Ethics Hotline, 877-888-0040.
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Ann B. Gugino is responsible for the highest level of oversight for ethics issues.